ISBN : 978-1-4683-1202-7

Author: David Bainbridge

Publisher: The Overlook Press

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Few things are as tantalizing as a woman’s curves…and yet, humans are the only mammals on earth whose females have curvy bodies. Why? And what does this unique body shape mean for us? In Curvology, researcher David Bainbridge uses his scientific know-how to get to the bottom of this anatomical mystery and to explore the social and psychological consequences of our cultural fixation with curves and fat. Bainbridge brings thorough and clear-headed scientific research to this topic, as well as an excellent understanding of the real-life ramifications of the fascinating statistics and provocative studies he cites. Blending evolutionary biology, cultural observation, and cutting-edge psychology, Bainbridge critically synthesizes the science and history of women’s body shape, from ancient humans to the age of the selfie, offering insights into how women’s bodies became objects of fascination and raising awareness about what this scrutiny does to our brains. Packed with controversial and compelling findings that drive us to think about the significance of our curves and what they mean for future generations, Curvology offers not just a persuasive collection of facts and studies, but an endlessly fascinating take on evolution and its consequences.

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