S R D Rosa, එස්. ආර්. ඩී. රෝසා

Physics MCQ Review Part-1

Author: Prof. S. R. D. Rosa

Publisher: SciTech Publishing Corporation Pvt Ltd. © 2023, ISBN: 978-955-1760-43-4, size A4 pp 400

Content: Advanced Level Physics:  Complete Review of Physics MCQ 2000-2010

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Physics MCQ Review Part-1 by Prof. S R D Rosa.
  • Physics MCQ review provides additional support to achieve a higher score in the Advanced Level examination.
  • All the questions are categorized with respect to each unit, and lesson from the syllabus.
  • The weak points, incomplete answers, and mistakes students make in the exam are thoroughly discussed under each MCQ question review instead of providing only the correct answer/s.

Can you not get the value from your memory? Actually, you can. Such students can score more than 40 correct answers easily. Many say that such papers are hard because time runs out. It is not the difficulty in Physics. You need to get the answers quickly in a limited time. If you master this skill, then you should be able to solve the given questions in two hours. But you need to work hard to get the skill and the ability. You need to think in a new way without doing the questions in the traditional way. If you try hard, then it is not unachievable. Why is this hard for quick SMS sending and social media handling people like you? All you need is the need.

Physics MCQ Review Part-1 is an essential book for Advanced Level Physics students. 

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S R D Rosa, එස්. ආර්. ඩී. රෝසා


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