S R D Rosa, එස්. ආර්. ඩී. රෝසා

Prof. S R D Rosa MCQ Review Part-2

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Author: Prof. S. R. D. Rosa

Publisher: SciTech Publishing Corporation Pvt Ltd. © 2022, ISBN: 978-955-1760-42-7, size A4 pp 400

Content: Advanced Level Physics:  Complete Review of Physics MCQ 2011-2020

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Looking to improve your performance in the Advanced Level Physics examination? Look no further than Prof. S R D Rosa MCQ Review Part-2, the second book in the series. This comprehensive guide is designed to provide you with the additional support you need to achieve a higher score.

Prof. S R D Rosa MCQ Review Part-2 categorizes all the questions according to each unit and lesson from the syllabus, ensuring that you can easily navigate through the content. But this book goes beyond just providing correct answers. It delves deep into the weak points, incomplete answers, and common mistakes made by students during exams. By thoroughly discussing these aspects under each MCQ question review, the book helps you develop a better understanding of the subject matter.

Do you struggle with time management during exams? Prof. S R D Rosa MCQ Review Part-2 addresses this challenge by emphasizing the need for quick and accurate responses. The book encourages you to think differently and approach questions in a new way, enabling you to solve them within the given time frame. With dedication and practice, you can master this essential skill and aim for over 40 correct answers.

Don’t worry if you’re not naturally inclined toward quick thinking. Prof. S R D Rosa MCQ Review Part-2 provides the tools and guidance you need to develop the necessary skills. All it takes is your commitment and desire to excel.

Make Prof. S R D Rosa MCQ Review Part-2 your go-to resource for Advanced Level Physics. Prepare yourself thoroughly, think differently, and score higher in your exams. Order your copy today and unlock your true potential!

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S R D Rosa, එස්. ආර්. ඩී. රෝසා

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