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Chemistry Resource Book Grade 12

Publisher: National Institute of Education © 2019 First Print,  pp-338

Content: Chemistry Resource Book Grade 12: Atomic Structure, Structure and Bonding, Chemical Calculations, Gaseous State of Matter, Energetics, Chemistry of s, p and d block elements, Basic concepts of organic chemistry, Hydrocarbons and halohydrocarbons, Oxygen containing organic compounds, Nitrogen-containing organic compounds.

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This Chemistry resource book for GCE A/L Grade 12 presents by the National Institute of Education. So, It offers students an opportunity to study the relevant subject content within the limit of the local curriculum. Therefore, it is an essential textbook. And it covers General Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic chemistry as well. This print contents all the lessions for Grade 12 as follows,

  1.  Atomic Structure
  2. Structure and bonding
  3.  Chemical calculations
  4. The gaseous state of matter
  5. Energetics
  6. Chemistry of s,p and d block elements
  7. Basic concepts of Organic chemistry
  8. Hydrocarbons and halohydrocarbons
  9. Oxygen-containing organic compounds
  10. Nitrogen-containing organic compounds

Because this is a wire-bound high-quality print with a hardcover it’s value for money. So, order right now!

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